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Teaching Materials

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* Freevlog Online Tutorial

* Word Doc Tutorial (customize as you see fit!) and another (from Cheryl - NODE101 Phoenix)









Meet the Vloggers Power Point

Zadi created and uses this presentation when explaining videoblogging at the Meet The Vloggers events at Apple Stores. Could be modified and used for a number of events or when pitching vlog classes to potential venues.

David Lee King gave a presentation, Introduction to Videoblogging at Internet Librarian 2006, a conference for librarians interested in emerging technology and digital trends.


Graphics / Handouts / Files


Feel free to edit and use these documents for your own events!



* NODE101 Logos & Vlogger People

* Vlog Resources.doc Handout These are good to pass out at workshops and events. In .doc format for easy editing and adding!

* NODE101::San Antonio flyer Example of a flyer to promote Node workshops.

* NODE101::NYC flyer Another example of a flyer to promote Node workshops.

* Meet The Vloggers Handbook Suggestions of how to run a Meet The Vloggers event. [MISSING]

* Meet The Vloggers graphics and handouts.

* NODE101::PHOENIX postcard Generic postcard design without event location/date/time details (so you can order once, promote multiple events). You need Adobe InDesign to edit the text and republish to PDF (most print shops will work from a PDF).


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