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Node101 Weekend 2006

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August 11, 12 and 13 of 2006.

Check Out The Map!


This is a chance for us all to hold videoblogging events around the world appropriate to our community. Hold a meetup in a bar, run a videoblogging workshop, arrange a screening, have a BBQ, go camping. Whatever. We can use some of the money we raised at Vloggeron to seed your ideas into action. Check out our map (http://www.mapbuilder.net/users/ryanne/21982) of events.


There is a IRC channel created here; irc://freenode/node101

Flashmeeting here (Saturday, August 12, 2006, 10am-2pm PST)




* St Louis (http://vloggercue06.wetpaint.com/): BBQ with Bill Streeter

* Santa Barbara: Vlog teach-in with Dorothy LittleJohn and Markus Sandy, August 12.

* San Francisco: Videoblogging Workshop and Screening and BBQ at Tehspace.org

* Phoenix: NODE101::Phoenix (http://www.node101phoenix.org) will launch August 12 with a vlogging workshop at Copper Star Coffee (http://www.copperstarcoffee.com/)

* Orange County: (http://www.OCvideoBlogging.org/wiki) Meet-up - Screening, BBQ, and anything else related to video blogging.

* San Antonio: Verdi will have a party at his house.

* Manhattan: MNN (http://mnn.org) will hold a screening/event for NYC videobloggers.

* Minneapolis: Adam Jochum from Cafn8ed.tv (http://www.cafn8ed.tv) is holding an event at his coffee shop. August 12.

* Heidelberg, Germany: Node 101 Heidelberg (http://joelart.tv/node101heidelberg.htm) BBQ - chat - and vlog screening in the Heidelberg Node with Joelart

* Pune, India: videoblog screenings, thali, and talk August 12

* UK. Annesley Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire: videoblog screenings, BBQ and Piss up August 12 @ 8pm Til Late (possibly live band) UKEVENT will be live video & audio streamed (256kps video stream) and (128kps audio stream) for up to 40 concurrent users. also skype callins! :)

* Somerville, Massachusetts: SCAT (http://access-scat.org)- videoblog informational event and workshop sign-up, Aug. 12th, 6-7pm. Contact:James: studio@access-scat.org

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