NODE101 is an open source, collaborative project created to teach and spread videoblogging worldwide. From online resources to physical classrooms and ongoing events, the goal of NODE101 is to teach media literacy as a life skill and to change the current media landscape from being a lecture to being a conversation. Of, For and By media makers, NODE101 is here to support and provide resources to anyone willing to take action to teach videoblogging.

NODE Models

A NODE can be one-time class in a coffee shop, a big community media center or anything in between. Here are some ways it’s being done right now.

Teaching Materials

Online tutorials, books, presentations, flyers & graphics.

Who We Are

This is who we are. If you have questions or are looking for people to team up with, this is a good place to start. Should your name be on this list? Just add it.

Video Documentation: What Is Possible



Node101 Weekend 2006